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May 2014. Another brutal prep. Beat up and let down, I was ready to walk away from it all. I didn’t have what it takes. My mental strength had left me years ago, and I was shutting down. Fourteen shows deep and I wasn’t ready to give up that easy. Two of the absolute worst preps of my life, ultimately led to a NPC Pittsburgh Light Heavy Weight class win, qualifying me for Nationals, USAs, and North Americans of 2015.

These next few months will be focusing on growing and getting back what I lost during prep earlier this year. Looking at pictures, its disheartening. Its like a swift kick to the stomach while someone holds my head under water. BUT, ill be back. Im down, and I need to fight my way back, but ill be back. New goals, new out looks. Finally listening to the right people and not the wrong people.


Current Weight: 220

Current Diet:

Egg whites
Greek Yogurt
Coconut Oil

Jasmine Rice
Coconut Oil

Ezekial Bread
Olive Oil

Pro 7 Protein
Almond Butter

Cream of Rice
Almond Butter



Contest Prep

I figured I would let the cat out of the bag. I am currently 15 weeks out, sitting at 229lbs. I have worked with Shelby Starnes all offseason, and I have continued to work with him in my contest prep. He has taken my physique to new levels already and I couldn’t be happier. Check him out at Diet is steady, no cardio yet, but one cheat meal a week. VERY different than my last show preps.

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Post Show Thoughts.

I think people so often forget how much when you diet, you effect the people around you.  Without them, many times, you would be lost.  I can’t thank the people enough, who stood by me, and dealt with the ups and down and continued stress that I’m sure I caused.

Show Recap –

4th out of 12 in Open Light Heavyweights at the NPC Mets. Felt great with the package I brought and improvements made moving up a weight class, although i know I could have been a bit tighter to bring it together. All a learning experience. Thank you everyone who has supported me. Sometimes I think the dieting process is harder for the individuals around, then you yourself dieting. So for that I thank you all.

First my GF Kristi D’Arpa You know how I feel, but you also need to know that I couldn’t have done this with out you. You are amazing and i cant thank you enough for standing by my side. I know it wasnt easy., and I love you.

My sponsors NUTRISHOP of Brick G-Force Bodiesbygforcecom and UniversalUSA Thank you!

My coaches Dan Hawtin and Glenn Nowland you guys are great and I appreciate all the help and support.

My training partner Nick Lepore I obviously would have been lost with out you, thank you my brother.

My friends and family who came to the show, thank you. I have the most appreciation for you who traveled far distances just to see me up there. Thank you. I WILL be back.

Post Show Diet

Trying to hit around 100g carbs right now, slowly taper back up.

1- 3 whole eggs, 4 egg whites and some oats
2 – 6oz chicken, veg, Almond Butter
3 – 6oz chicken, veg, rice or potatoes
4 – 2 Scoops Whey, Apple, Almond Butter
5 – 6oz steak, rice or potatoes
6 – 2 Scoops Casein, Almond Butter

I started hitting the prowler on my lunch break for 20 mins or so just keeping the cardio up but staying out of the gym for at least a week. My body was pretty messed up come show time, so I’m enjoying some down time.

** Make no mistake that I do have some good non diet friendly food scattered in there. If i feel I want it ill have it, but so far not really any crazy cravings. Trying to hold it to one LEGIT cheat meal a week, but have some cookies here and there. after 16 weeks of dieting, I’m not being too hard on myself this first week.

I will follow this protocol for a few weeks while I reset my fried Metabolism.  Ill then decide where I want to go and what I will be doing.

Open to hear your thoughts and suggestions also!

Thanks for checking in!



Rear Double Bicep, Night Show 2013 METS photo 3 photo 4 photo 5