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Small Changes yield BIG results

Growing up, I was never the biggest kid.  In fact, i was one of the smaller.  I knew I didn’t want to be the little guy.  I cant even say i had a purpose of getting bigger and stronger other than it kept me out of trouble while in school.  Slowly i learned the importance of food, training, and proper cardiovascular health.  It didn’t come all at once, and it wont for you either.  Make small changes today, keep your life in balance, and you’ll reach your goals sooner than later.

  • Drink more water through the day.  Make it a goal to drink 1/2 a gallon water daily to start.
  • Get up and walk every AM.  Wake up, drink some water, or have some coffee, and go.  30 mins is all you need.  Get the blood moving, and attack the day!
  • Try eating healthy for 3 days in a row, then give yourself a treat.  Then try 4 days, then 5.  Before you know it, its second nature.  The slower you make the transition, the easier it is.  If you jump full steam ahead, you WILL fall off.
  • If you LOVE candy, try to save it for the weekend for starters.  Don’t completely cut it out of the diet, or you WILL binge.  Make progress towards eliminating it.  Don’t go cold turkey.  Same goes for fast food / drinking / etc.
  • Do it for YOU, not for anyone else.  Make a plan, and lets get going!

Hope those small tips help you get on track to a better YOU! 

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