“My name is Skye and I started working with Christian in January 2017! Fitness has always been a huge part of me and a show was always something I wanted to do but just never found the “right” time (and to be honest, I didn’t know if there would ever be one!) I am a mom of 2 little boys, 2 and a half and 18 months. After having kids, I was determined to lose the baby weight, which I did, but toning up, building muscle, and really leaning out the way I wanted to was so tough! Until… Christian came into the picture and got me into the BEST shape of my life. So much so that I had the confidence to take the stage for my very first show, where I won first place in my Bikini Debut Class, as well as first place in the Bikini Open, and took home my ANBF pro card. I could have never gone from mom to bikini pro without the knowledge, guidance, support, and the rockstar diet that comes with Christian as a coach. I never felt deprived with the diet. In fact, I liked it so much that I jumped right back on post-show. As a busy mom, wife, and full-time kindergarten teacher I was nervous about doing it all. But his plan made me confident that I could tackle it week by week and his ongoing support sealed the deal. It is so clear that he treats each client as an individual, with different goals, lifestyles, and needs. No matter your goals, Christian is the guy to work with. I am forever changed from this experience!” – Skye Sardanopoli


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“My names Chelsea Keyasko and I have been working with Christian Coronato since summer of 2014! I have always had great results while following his diet plan and work out regiments! Upping cardio when necessary and also not starving me like many coaches do. I have never went weeks upon weeks with no carbs and it has made dieting much more enjoyable with a cheat meal weekly to keep me happy! I have competed in 4 shows, with one of them being at a national level. I have won an overall novice, overall open at Golds Classic 2014 and a 2nd place at Tri States 2015. All of it would not have been possible if I didn’t have Christian as my coach! He always brings me in great conditioning for each and every show and I can’t wait to keep moving forward with Christian as my coach!”



“I have been working with Christian since October, he helped me shape my best physique for the John Kemper Classic where I took home hardware in all three of my classes. After prep he helped me to rebound the correct way, now we are working together throughout offseason and then straight into another prep for nationals next summer. From working with Christian over all of these months I’ve learned so much about myself, diet, and training. Most importantly Christian is one of the nicest most humble guys I have ever met. When working with him, you can see how he genuinely cares about you as an individual. He cares about how you’re feeling, what you like, what you don’t like and uses that to individualize your plan. He works with you in every aspect and truly cares about his competitors wants and needs. You can tell he takes his time and works out a plan for each and everyone of his clients. You can definitely tell when someone genuinely cares about your progress and success and that is a great feeling to have driving you, especially to get you through a grueling contest prep. Whether you’re a bodybuilder getting ready for a show or just looking to lose some weight, Christian is the guy to go to. Any sort of lifestyle you live and are looking to better yourself, he is the guy to help!” – Mike Palazzo


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“Working with Christian has been the best decision I have made. Prior to working with him, my metabolism had been severely destroyed due to excessive cardio and a very low caloric intake, with the help of Christian I was able to rebuild my metabolism efficiently, and prep in the healthiest way possible for the NPC Bikini Division where I placed 1st in Juniors and 2nd in Novice at the 2016 John Kemper Classic, Post Show Christian guided me through a reverse diet that caused me ZERO post show rebound. I am very thankful for Christian for all his help and support!” – Sam Buck


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“I made my first jab at bodybuilding in 2011 at 21 years old. It was a anbf show I placed 1st in my class and won most muscular. It was a small group of body builders. Me winning 1st wasn’t as exciting as you would think I only had one other competitor in my class. I was discouraged from competing I put all this work in and didn’t have what I felt competition should be. That’s being the best out of multiple 10 plus people that’s competitive to me. So I still trained and got more involved into food and supplements little did I know I started working for Nutrishop and that changed my outlook on everything. My boss was expanding and bringing on new employees and Christian Coronato was one of those guys. I was immediately intimidated he was a successful bodybuilder and powerlifter. Then he was coming from UNIVERSAL one of the lead supplement companies in the business. As we worked together he was very to himself but as weeks went on there was discussion of him competing which gave me a spark back in me. What if I was on stage next to him and held my own instantly ran in my mind. He was much larger than me (still is) so me being silly didn’t know I wasn’t even going to be in his weight class. I was 200lbs maybe he was 225lbs many more years of training under his belt mature muscle that made me look like a child. But That’s was all I needed to light that spark and asked my boss if we could do the same show and it was turned down and I was told to pick a new show. That I did I choose my second show I was going to do NPC Muscle Beach in 2014. Before I started working with Christian I choose to do a 12 week off season with Bostin Loyd to get me on track and I planned on doing my contest prep with him as well. Unfortunately my mom ended up getting sick and I was going to pull out of competing that year after a few weeks of deciding and my mom telling me I should still do it I talked to Christian and never looked back I have now been working with Christian Coronato since April 2014. And every year we together seem to make improvements with my diet and trying to figure out where I’m going. We added 16-18lbs of stage weight from October 2014 to April 2016. Christian is very health conscious when it comes to contest prep. One of my favorite things about his style is he doesn’t just take away food of its not needed. Someone as of myself came to him with 6 meals a day 9oz of protein a meal and my daily carb intake was 800gm about in off season some coaches would look at that and say you don’t need all that food and slice it in 1/2. He didn’t it was very gradual into muscle beach I carb cycled and was losing 1-2+ lbs a week which is ideal. Ended up playing 3rd in novice and 6th in open at 182lbs. We kept the season rolling into Golds Classic and my body was fighting hard to get Down to middle weight. Christian made the necessary adjustments to bring in a better package which we did I ended up placing 2nd in novice and 2nd in open. Going into 2015 we decided to try and be a true light heavyweight so we went to work and I started prep at 219lbs going into the Kemper it paid off with his guidance all off season I won novice and novice overall I also placed 2nd In open not happy with the placing but we are building a game plan to be better in 2017 and bring the house down. I have a overwhelming respect for Christian and the way he works with his clients health is first competing is second. Once I started working with him I never looked back. One of the most genuine,humble guys I’ve ever come across. He might not be the best coach for everyone but he’s been the best coach,friend and big brother for me and look forward to seeing what we can come up with.” – Will Caballero


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“I’ve been working with Christian for 7 months now and the improvements I’ve made are incredible! He completely helped me transform my body & mind into a new lifestyle that will stay with me the rest of my life and I cannot thank him enough. Not only does he know what he’s talking about but he truly cares about the health of his clients, which is MOST important, because many other coaches do not. With his help and knowledge I placed so well in my first figure competition and am glad to say that I am going to continue to use him as my coach for my future contest preps and off seasons! Thank you for everything Christian!!” – Lena Paternoster



Christian is unlike many other coaches in this industry. I can attest first hand to that. From the day we began working together in May 2014 I couldn’t be happier that I reached out to him for help prepping for my first bodybuilding competition. 2 years later, 3 shows, roughly 15lbs of stage weight, and long term goals/plans in place to improve for the future. Christian has brought me to where I am now with his knowledge and application through nutrition and training. There is no cookie cutter diet and generic plan that he uses on every one; every plan for every person is designed fit that persons needs and goals. Over the last 2+ years i’ve learned to love this sport even more because of Christian guiding me through it the right way, the healthy way, with REAL progression and development, and above all his genuine passion to help people. He cares about his clients and isn’t in this just for the money; and it truly shows in how he teaches and leads. He cares about your health and your wellbeing. I’m one of those guys who ask’s a lot of questions, because I like to learn for myself what’s going on, and Christian is always more than happy to elaborate and pass on his knowledge to me. My goals to date have been achieved from starting overweight all through HS/College then to being a lower weight with less muscle (dieting the wrong way in college), to 2 + years of real bodybuilding focused training with Christian guiding me has me somewhere i didn’t think i’d ever be able to be. If you’re looking for somebody to take you where you want to get whether it be on a fitness competitive stage, powerlifting or just general health/fitness Christian IS the man you want to get in contact with!



“I have been working with Christian for about 9 months and I could not be any happier. The improvements physically AND mentally are absolutely amazing. With Christian being very responsive, supporting and always having a postive attitude, he helped push me through my 2nd ANBF bikini competition. Not only does he know how to help you reach your goals 100%, but you can tell he genuinely cares about his clients success and overall health. Whether your prepping for a show or just looking to cut some inches, Christian is definitely the guy you want to go to. I am very excited to work with him for future contest preps and off seasons ! Thank you for everything Christian !!!” – Angela Favia



“After prepping and competing in my first NPC show, I thought that was it. I was put off by the thought of dieting down again. A year later I decided to dive into it once again, but very apprehensively. By a friend’s recommendation, I got in touch with Christian and I’m glad I did! Not only did he help me get show ready, but he changed my view on competition prep and how to eat in general. My prep never felt like an inconvenience and he never allowed it to get to extremes. Not once did he allow me to stress about my progress and was always reassuring that we’d be ready in time. Christian was very prompt with answering my questions and always made my health a priority. I can’t say enough good things about how much I enjoyed working with Christian and can’t wait to work with him when I compete next!” – Nicole P



“Christian has changed my life for the better. After almost 2 years of yo-yo dieting and binge eating, he has taught me SO much about my body and I could not be more thankful. I truly believe he saved me because I now have an understanding of how food and exercise truly benefits your mind, body, and soul. Being 25 years old, I can honestly say I am happy with myself and this journey is only the beginning. Christian CARES. He is attentive 24/7 and really knows what he is talking about. Being a professional dancer, this industry can be tough. But Christian helped me through a bikini contest prep while in prep auditioning for Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and that landed me in the final round for those auditions which was a DREAM. Christian has brought me confidence, positivity, and determination. I am forever thankful for all that he has done and I look forward to continuing this journey. ” – Christina D’Urso


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“Christian will help you for physique competition training and can also mold you into great playing shape. Though my body looks different then a physique competitors, it is perfectly suited for the game I play. My nutrition plan created solely by Christian has helped me play at an elite level of World Tournament softball. I dropped 7% body fat and vastly improved my agility out of the box and my speed in between the lines. He is also a good friend and person, with a great heart to have in your corner. I will always use Christian’s advice to advance my playing success and you should too”! – Ryne Olsen


Carlos“Christian designed and monitored my contest prep diet for my first Men’s Physique competition. With his guidance, I went from 212 lbs and around 17% body fat to a contest-ready 175 at ~5% body fat. Christian created a diet that was easy to follow while still getting me to my goal and throughout the process he was responsive, positive and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his services for anyone looking to compete, lose weight for general health or to reach any fitness goal. This man knows how to get you into the best shape of your life, and if competing is your goal, he can truly help you take your body to the next level, through your peak week and to the day of your show. Thanks, Christian!” – Carlos Montano


“I have had countless coaches who did not know how to properly work with my body, Christian is the first coach that has not given me a cookie cutter plan or simply just a plan that has worked for him. We have only been working together for a few short months and since then I have noticed how he has taken the time to listen to what my body is saying. This so far has been one of the easiest plans to follow, I am still able to enjoy my life and have the energy that I need. I am looking forward to what the future has to bring, I know that Christian WILL get me where I need to be” – Nicoletta Whitaker



“Making the decision to work with Christian was the best investment I could have made. After an initial questionnaire Christian was able to customize a nutrition, workout and supplementation program for me. there was no guess work involved as he provided a detailed meal plan with options to fit my lifestyle, recommendation of supplements, and a intense workout program suited to my goals. He understood that I didn’t have the freedom to sit down for every meal but he adjusted to my lifestyle. Christian was readily available and quickly responded to any questions that I may have. While working with Christian i dropped 10 pounds all while maintaining muscle and improving my overall physique. The knowledge I have gained from Christian will not be forgotten. If your willing to put in the work Christian is the man to go!” -Frank Federico

“I contacted Christian because after several years lifting weights I didn’t get the results I was Looking for. Christian changed my diet, training and supplementation and after 16 weeks I have improved much more than I thought it was possible. I went from 185lbs to 196.6lbs, I am not preparing any contest, I am just a person who likes the irons.He has always been there for anything I needed and He was always worried about my progress. If you are preparing a contest, you need to loose weight or just want to go one step further, you should contact Christian” – Javier Lopez

“The qualities I look for in a coach are accountability, knowledge, flexibility, and dedication—Christian has all of these things. In terms of accountability, Christian holds you to a standard as an athlete and motivates you to hold yourself accountable. He takes that a step further by also holding himself accountable as a coach. Christian is knowledgeable to say the least—he lives, dreams, and breathes this stuff. He helped me understand what it meant to have good balance between life and training. Christian is results driven and is flexible when it comes to checking and adjusting to your lifestyle and body. I think the most important piece is that Christian is dedicated to your results and constantly working to set a new standard as a coach. Dedicated doesn’t describe his involvement with the sport of bodybuilding. It has been a great experience working with him. I’d recommend him to anyone who is serious about meeting their fitness goals. To put some metrics behind my success with Christian, I dropped 15 pounds while working with Christian and have been able to maintain since then.” – Chelsea Santucci


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